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Go in Moscow. New Approaches.


Group of activists of Go: Grishin Igore, Povalyaev Mikhail, Emelyanov Mikhail - have prepared a report about today's problems and future's perspectives of development of Go in Moscow.
For some last years it was a bad situation with Go development and propaganda this game among citizens. The conception of development of Go has not prepared, the systematic work with clubs and sections has not conducted, Go-community was abandoned. All of this have affect misunderstanding of role of Moscow Federation Go(Baduk) in sphere of support of development of Go and life of Go-community.
That politic of the old management has affect failure of existing system relations with government, society and separating of Go-community. Now nobody knows goals of Moscow Federation Go(Baduk), its role in development of Go in Moscow.
But in last time the interest in Go among citizens are growing and good services are needed.
That's why time of the resolute moves has come, this moves will affect a good changes of today's situation and will turn the negative tendentious.
There are some problems, which need to solve.
At first, we should renew the dialog with society. It would be good to restore the authority of Moscow Federation Go, which will be a flagman of development of Go in Russia. With transparent structure and fame all over the country and abroad, Moscow Federation Go can establish contact with government, abroad Federations and with world Go-community.
Moscow Federation Go will promote intellectual development of our children, organization of Go-leisure for children and other people etc.
Another problem is to develop the kind of sport - "Go". Federation should support the sportsmen, accomplish publication of Go literature and spread Go in Moscow and in Russia.
It is necessary to find out the use of learning and playing Go for people, the conception of role Go in Russia social life is expected.
To solve those problems we should look for finances. Federation should attract the government finances for support the program of education and rehabilitation for children especially for invalids and orphans. Another way is to attract finances from Asian Go funds and Associations and another charity funds. Federation should develop the commerce to solve its finance problem.
Our goal is to promote Go in education system in Russian Federations and join business-community this game.
To reach our goals Go-community have to unite around the idea of building the new Go in Russia. Only together we can make Go really popular and useful for our country and society.

Emelyanov Mikhail, Moscow Go Federation, http://go.weiqi.ru


Игорь Гришин: Путь Мастера Го

Игорь Гришин: Путь Мастера Го

Игорь Гришин: Путь Мастера Го